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A very well-written article by Christopher Musico appeared in the June 2009 issue of CRM Magazine.  It was called “Service and Social Media: You’re Not Social (Enough)” which was a discussion of the growing use of customer service and social media.  that is to state, how business responds to clients with social media awareness and social media tools – B2C interaction.  A discussion of online community forums offers the two things clients want:

[…] instant gratification and proof that companies are actually using their commentary. “It’s just basics,” he insists. “Saying, ‘Hey, that was a great comment and we’re looking into it’ can work. But you have to get back and show you’re making changes, otherwise you’ll see the community start dying off.”

That last point is key: participation.  Customers and clients want a relationship, a dialog with the company with whom they are dealing.  That puts a human face on it and creates customer satisfaction.

Another focal point of the article was the help center and the way the help center will change as a result of social media.  The help center is the point of contact with which most clients interact with the company/business and because of that there will be changes in the staff and capabilities of the staff:

A portion of the people they currently have in their contact centers are going to have to find new jobs because they can’t do it…. Their brains aren’t wired that way,” he says. “It’s really hard for CSR vets to do two or three chats, maybe work in a couple of emails, and the phones.

While this article mostly dealt with the idea of on-line forums, other aspects of social media interaction were touched upon as well as the need to have a strategy for that interaction.  In fact, regarding that last, the entire June 2009 issue was the Social media issue and there are a lot of articles with interesting and valuable content.

The CRM Magazine / destinationCRM Social Media Maturity Model

And a wonderful video on CRM 2.0.  While the strictly about social media, it is so very well done.

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